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Ensure the Safe & Secure Use of of AI tools with Our Free Content & Resources.

Take the next step towards online safety and awareness. Discover techellect™, our AI educational content series and resources designed to help users safely & securely navigate artificial intelligence in their daily lives! As part of our ongoing mission, we felt compelled to share this free content for the greater good.

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AI Security Awareness Content & Resources FAQs

What is techellect™?

techellect™, the collaboration of technology and intellect, is a suite of content, educational resources and solutions aimed at empowering users to safely use artificial intelligence (AI) applications in their personal and professional lives.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! You can access our free resources for as long as you want to and encourage you to share these resources with friends and family. We felt compelled to share this important and timely content to support online safety!

Can I use this content for my company?

Yes! Our AI content can be made available for organizations or entities looking to enhance the online safety and privacy of their employees or end-users. We welcome you to reach out to our parent company at for more details.

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