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Enhancing Human Mastery of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Online Safety.

We endeavor to provide an online community of thought leaders passionate about fostering open discussions on the safe and secure utilization of AI for end-users. As innovators in the realm of cybersecurity, we recognize the paramount importance of providing a collaborative space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to exchange insights, share experiences, and explore best practices in navigating the evolving landscape of AI technology.

Join us in shaping the discourse, raising awareness, and building a collective understanding of AI’s potential and its responsible use. Together, we’re forging a path towards a safer and more ethical AI-powered world.

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Cybersecurity Expertise For a More Engaged Community

Dr. James Norrie is a tenured Professor of Strategy, Cybersecurity and Law, and former Dean of the Graham School of Business, at York College of Pennsylvania. He has terminal degrees in business and law, and graduate degrees in education, psychology, engineering and cybersecurity. He is the author of six books, multiple book chapters and hundreds of journal articles and national op-ed’s. He is a sought-after expert consultant, frequent media commentator with an international reputation in his field.

His published areas of research delve into the intersection of psychology and technology and the friction this creates, particularly as cybercrime has become a ferocious global problem. In addition to his academic role, he is the Founder and Chief Product Evangelist of cyberconIQ. This innovative, VC-backed firm is committed to changing the global cybersecurity conversation from fear to hope offering patented and proprietary solutions that enable individual employees to become measurably safer online and reduce the risk of a human factors breach. He conducts, presents and publishes industry-related research and consults globally to prominent companies in financial services, technology, healthcare and retail concerning cybersecurity, information privacy and security, and economic crime detection and prevention methods.

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